Does Masturbation Hurt because of a tight foreskin?

Does Masturbation Hurt because of a tight foreskin?

One of the most common penis-related problems men face is the condition called phimosis. Phimosis means that the foreskin of an uncircumcised man is too tight and cannot be retracted to expose the glans. It usually leads to two major problems for the man suffering from this. The first is the impossibility of maintaining a proper hygiene of the genital organs because the smegma that accumulates under the foreskin cannot be washed away.

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The second problem is that phimosis makes erections painful. The foreskin is designed to cover the glans while the penis is limp and to be pulled back during the erection. Naturally, a tight foreskin is bound to make masturbation and intercourse unpleasant or even painful. The expanding penis will push against the too small opening in the foreskin.

You can try to stretch it gently and see if it can be made to retract past the glans. If it’s very tight, do not try to force anything. You will only manage to cause painful cracks on the inside of the foreskin. The cracks will heal in time, but they are bound to hurt for some time, not to mention that they are very unsightly.

The last thing you want is to have cracks in the foreskin make contact with the smegma accumulated between the glans and the foreskin and get an infection thereof. The traditional solution for phimosis is circumcision, whereby the surgeon separates the foreskin from the penis in order to relieve the penis.

After the operation the glans will have to be protected for a while because this extremely sensitive part of the body is not used to in direct and constant contact with the underwear. It may help to wear loose boxer shorts for a month or two. Another way of treating phimosis is by a simpler surgical procedure called preputioplasty. A limited dorsal slit is made along the constricting band of skin.

This allows the patient to retain his foreskin and enjoy the desired freedom. The cut heals in time and it does not spoil the look of the penis. Alternatively, doctors have found that applying steroid creams to the foreskin may also help loosen it and cure phimosis. This type of treatment usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks.

There are also ways of stretching the skin, either manually or with the help of small balloons placed under the foreskin under anaesthesia. Masturbation is one of the manual ways used to enlarge the foreskin by forcing it to stretch, one bit at a time, in order to trigger the tissue expansion process. This should be better have done at a very early age when the skin is more stretchable, but you can pay a visit to athens call girls or athens call girl to give you a helping hand. Far from being an incurable condition, phimosis is just a serious problem that can be solved with a couple of trips to the doctor.

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