How to get rid of cesspool smell at home?

How to get rid of cesspool smell at home?

Smelly odour in the home is a common problem in households, especially in the summer. Very often the problem occurs to such an extent that it does not allow you to relax in your own home! Αποφράξεις Αργυρούποληcan help you with any problems you face at home!

More specifically, the most common spots where the smell of a septic tank is most pronounced in the house are the floor siphons and the bath siphons.

Also, the unpleasant odour is observed in cases where the house is hermetically sealed with watertight frames and all air circulation takes place through the sewerage network.
Smell of dirt in the house? See how to get rid of it immediately!

The solution you can try exclusively with home-made ingredients is the following:

  • First let the bathroom faucet run to clean the bathroom siphon well.
  • Then you can pour 1 cup of vinegar into the floor siphon
  • Leave it on overnight without using the bathroom and shower faucets.

Vinegar, due to its acidic nature is the best cleaner for these cases, but also one of the most intense home-made disinfectants!

In case the bad smell has not completely disappeared, you can try the corresponding alternative which is lemon!

  • Mix 1 cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of boiling water and pour the mixture into the siphon.
  • Let the mixture work all night and enjoy a home without odours the next morning!

Finally, if the problem starts with the basin and its connection to the sewer, you can add 1 cup of soda. Let it work all night for unique results!

Smell of cesspool at home! What to do if the strong smell persists?

In any case, no matter how hard you try, the stench persists, so it’s best to stop trying. Call an experienced plumber, as the cause may be a blockage in the piping.

The professional approach to plumbing usually involves checking for the risk of sewer blockage. It also controls the possibility of installing a computer in the last well before the pit.

Installing a computer will help to properly ventilate the sewer and effectively remove the smell of sewage in the home.

Also, professional sewer cleaning is a definitive solution to remove unpleasant odours from your home!

Now you can remove the strong smell of septic tank from your home! In case the smell persists, you should contact a specialized plumber, because the problem is probably somewhere else!

What can you do if the pit fills up quickly?

Lately, you have noticed that the cesspool is filling up faster than before. What is the cause of the problem and what is the appropriate solution?

The cesspool fills up quickly – What is the reason?

Initially, the septic tank is a septic tank in which waste is disintegrated and water is absorbed from the soil. But why does the septic tank fill up so quickly?

Many absorbent septic tanks lose their absorbency over time. The reason; Purple concentrations in the walls of the septic tank seal it, reducing its absorbency and filling it quickly.

Frequent vacuum discharges cause disturbance and odour in the area. This problem is getting worse as time goes on and the solution must be effective!

What methods can you use to deal with the problem?

There are many ways to deal with a rush that fills up quickly. Below we have gathered the basic methods, so that you can find the one that best suits your space.

Use of organic or chemical liquid

This method is simple, but needs to be applied frequently to the plumbing to solve the problem.

You apply a chemical or biological liquid that removes the cigar from the walls and bottom of the filled pit, while partially restoring its absorbency.

The cleaning of the septic tank is done by the fermentation caused by the preparations in the waste, at the same time reducing the odour.

The total cost depends on the absorbency and age of the cesspool.

This method is the most economical and the most immediate in dealing with the problem, but with frequent use of the preparations every few months.

Sewer cleaning and maintenance

With proper and professional sewer maintenance at regular intervals, the cigar will not be able to accumulate on the walls of the septic tank and so its operation will be effective in the long run, without problems.

Waterproofing of the pit

With this solution, the cesspool will not be filled with rainwater. So it will not be filled with water even when the aquifer rises due to the weather.

For this method to work, you must first do a professional cleaning of the septic tank and then reinforce it with special concrete.

The cost is high and depends mainly on the size of the septic tank, but the results are permanent.

Conversion of the cesspool into a biological wastewater treatment plant

This solution is the most expensive, but you will never need to repair a septic tank again!

By converting a septic tank into an organic one, the odour and the possibility of calling a tank for emptying the septic tank effectively disappear.

The same goes for chemical and biological preparations, which you will not need to use again!

Its cost depends on the number of people who will use it, while the water produced can be used for subsoil watering.

The options are many, but only one will be perfect for you!

To see what suits your case and pocket, you will need the advice of a reliable and experienced professional! At Apofraxeis Argyroupoli, the professionals who specialize in emptying and converting the septic tank, can give you the ideal solution to your problem!

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