PJI helps parents stop Planned Parenthood...for now

PJI helps parents stop Planned Parenthood…for now

A presentation by Planned Parenthood in a California middle school has been canceled but an attorney who often fights the abortion giant in The Golden State warns that it never gives up.

Last week, parents in Pacific Grove alerted the Pacific Justice Institute that Planned Parenthood was coming to their children’s middle school to oversee three days of sex education lessons beginning April 1.

Pacific Grove is a coastal city of approximately 15,600 located near Monterey. 

PJI attorney Brad Dacus says there was little time to act but he immediately knew the school had violated state law with inadequate notice, and he informed school administrators about that violation and the sex ed lesson was cancelled.

Dacus, Brad (PJI)“But we are very concerned that Planned Parenthood will be aggressively coming to middle schools, junior highs, all up and down the state of California, and even outside of California,” Dacus says, “because of new empowering state legislation that is being pushed and will probably be emulated by other states as well.”

PJI has created a free opt-out form on its website for parents to use if they object to their children being subjected to a sex education from Planned Parenthood.

In this day and age of left-wing momentum, even if a caring parent feels like there is little chance of success, Dacus encourages them to speak up and seek help.

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