The Ultimate Solo Female Travel Guide to New Orleans

Hey there my fellow solo female travelers, today comes another installment of traveling alone in an amazing place in the world: New Orleans.

Initially I wasn’t sure that New Orleans would be fun alone, but it’s one of the most enjoyable solo trips I’ve had! The friendliness combined with the huge variety of things to do kept me entertained and hardly lonely. For my solo travelers out there, here’s everything you need to know about New Orleans:

Is New Orleans Fun Alone?

As I already hinted, New Orleans is tons of fun solo! While after six years of it, I’m certainly biased towards traveling alone, I’d venture to say New Orleans is one of the best places to travel solo, and I’d recommend it for first timers as well.

Every time I ate alone, it really didn’t feel that way because the wait staff and the others in the restaurants would be so talkative. Pretty much everyone I met had a suggestion for me on where to go, and I was never bored. I never felt like the odd woman out either as I sometimes do in beachy or couples’ destinations.

Being able to decide everything I wanted to do on a moment’s notice and on my own time gave me an opportunity to see the Big Easy my way. So if you’re considering going alone, do it!

Things that are Fun to Do Solo in New Orleans

Taken at Royal and Dumaine Street in the French Quarter

Shopping in the French Quarter:

I don’t know about you, but shopping with friends is one of my least favorite ways to do it (I still love you guys, though!). I feel like I’m always waiting around for someone to try something on or have to go into a store I’m not that interested in. So when it comes to shopping I value going solo for the efficiency!

Some of the best shopping is in the French Quarter. The following are the quirkiest and most interesting places I found:

  • Bambi Deville’s Vintage Clothing: This vintage clothing shop is tucked away in a corner of the French Quarter, which feels like a secret spot. The interior is beautiful, and the selection is impressive. If you are looking for something truly unique, like gowns and pants with styles from the ’20s, this is the place to go.
  • Porter Lyons: I love buying accessories to remember my travels by. They make great souvenirs and take up little space. If you dig that too, check out Porter Lyons. The store stocks some voodoo-inspired earrings that I thought were really cool. Bonus? The store has kombucha on tap!
  • Red Lantern: Shopping at Red Lantern is so much fun! They have a great selection of unique clothing and accessories, perfect if you like to dress quirky. The shop owner is funny and friendly, which is always a plus. Red Lantern is located right next to Hemline, and I suggest visiting it first!
  • Hemline French Quarter: If you are looking for something more on the upscale side, Hemline is great. They stock some nice party dresses that will set you back about $100 – $200. The customer service is great – the staff is helpful and professional.
  • Trashy Diva: This store has a couple of locations in the French Quarter – one devoted to clothing and one for lingerie. They both have gorgeous outfits depending on, ya know, the intended audience.
  • Voodoo Authentica: I can’t speak to how authentica this store really is, but if you’re curious about Voodoo and want to see an array of potions, dolls, and other Voodoo-related items, stop in for a peek.
  • Lost and Found: For that 50s pin-up style that’s so popular around NOLA, I liked this quaint little boutique – especially their fun purses!


solo female travel new orleans
At Oak Alley Plantation

When I’m solo I often like to take day tours because it makes it easy to meet other people and means that at least for a couple hours or maybe a whole day, I don’t have to worry about planning anything. I suggest the following:

Two Chicks Walking tours (due to COVID-19, public tours are on pause until further notice – keep an eye on their website before booking!): I took a two hour walking tour with this company in the French Quarter at 9 AM. It was perfect because it wasn’t busy and crowded yet, and I could get a lay of the land before exploring by myself. I was the only one on my tour so that gave me the chance to structure it the way that I wanted to, which was fun! But if you meet others on your tour than that’s a potential built-in friend group so it’s a win either way.

Double Plantation Tour: To be honest, I wondered if it was strange to tour plantations considering how much pain and misery took place there. But then I thought, isn’t it my duty to understand my own country’s history? In order to do this I had to choose wisely and ended up going on the Gray Line two plantation tour, stopping at Whitney plantation and Oak alley. It was the perfect combination between educational and beautiful.

The Whitney plantation is the first museum ever dedicated to slavery. It was so well done, telling the story of slavery directly from the slaves’ point of view, drawing from historical quotes and records. The whole thing had memorials and monuments purely dedicated to the experience of the slaves. It’s confronting and painful to see, but so important to understand American history and its ties to the present. To visit the plantations without visiting this one would be an incomplete experience, so if you go, definitely go to the Whitney!

Oak Alley is the second plantation I visited and the one that you’re most likely to see photos of when tours are advertised. The long alley of oak trees leading up to the mansion entrance made this plantation famous, and when you see it for yourself it’s easy to see why. It’s absolutely beautiful. That said, the tour did not provide nearly the educational opportunity that Whitney did, which is why I suggest seeing both.

Both are located about 45 minutes outside of New Orleans. So you could rent a car, but the easiest and most economical way is to take a tour which provides transport in an air-conditioned bus and a guided walking tour of both plantations. Bring your own water and snacks!

Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1 (Due to Covid-19, the cemetery is currently closed and all tours are suspended. Check their website for the latest update!): I’m suggesting the cemetery for one big reason: Marie Laveau’s tomb. She was a free mixed-race woman and Voodoo priestess during the time of slavery and from what I learned, a total boss. It was said that she walked like a queen and performed rituals for the elite. You can only see the cemetery on a tour, offered Monday through Saturday at 10am, 11:30am and 1pm, and Sunday at 10am. They cost $20 per person.

There are certainly more tours out there that you could check out, like the New Orleans haunted tours, though I heard they are pretty hokey, or swamp tours which I heard the same about. Depending on how much time you have in New Orleans, it might be worth looking into either of these if you have a keen interest.

Get Your Tarot Cards Read

solo female new orleans hex
Mimi, my tarot card reader at Hex

Getting your tarot cards read is one of the things to do in New Orleans. You’ll see options everywhere, including sidewalk tarot readers, particularly by Jackson Square. However I went to Hex, which was recommended to me by a local. I did a 30-minute reading and thought it was a fun addition to the afternoon. Whether you’ve done one before or not, or whether or not you put stock in such things, it’s a very NOLA activity.

Explore the Bywater

new orleans itinerary studio BE
The Katrina exhibit at Studio BE

While the French Quarter is cool and all, I couldn’t believe how rad the Bywater is! If you like the artistic and the quirky, you will find it there. The cafés are delicious, the Healing Center and Studio BE are must-sees, and Crescent Park is a great place to watch the sunset. I loved it so much I have an entire article devoted just to things to do in the Bywater, so check it out!


international house hotel new orleans
The neat bar at my hotel

I’m sure if you’ve heard much of anything about New Orleans, you would’ve heard of Bourbon Street. I got mixed reviews on this coming from locals, one of whom told me I ‘hadn’t been to New Orleans if I hadn’t been to Bourbon Street’ and another one said, ‘oh yes you have!’ I chose not to go, because rowdy bars are not really my scene. However if you still want to experience some nightlife, I highly recommend checking out some live music on Frenchmen Street. This is more of a local hangout and it gives you something to do other than drinking, which I suggest you limit or avoid altogether if you’re traveling solo. Click here for information on the shows that are on tonight – You can find something on every night of the week!

You can also find festivals year-round in New Orleans, in addition to the famous Mardi Gras. Check the New Orleans official website for more on what’s on now.


Since we just touched on it in the last section, let’s get the subject of safety out of the way.

Safety when traveling solo is a concern not just in New Orleans, but everywhere. There are two main things I do to stay safe when I travel – one is to avoid walking alone in any parts of the city that are quiet and dark, like any alleyways, and to limit my alcohol intake. The last one has been easy since I stopped drinking altogether over a year ago, but for those of you who want to visit New Orleans and still try out a French 75 — and who could blame you? —  just make sure that you don’t overdo it. Almost every unfortunate circumstance for solo travelers of both sexes is borne out of drinking too much and becoming an easy target.

Unfortunately there was lots of catcalling in New Orleans but that’s a worldwide scourge, and unfortunately happens to me in Berlin and other parts of the US, too. Thankfully it wasn’t aggressive in the way that I experienced in South America.

For more safety tips when traveling solo, check out this post with 31 tips from 31 solo female travelers.

Where to Stay

I recommend that you pick accommodation that has security, like a front desk, or if you’re staying in an Airbnb, try to pick one that is in someone’s courtyard, is located upstairs, or isn’t immediately visible from the street.

solo female travel new orleans
My princess bed

I stayed in the International House Hotel, which is just a short walk from the French Quarter. It was the perfect location for me, since I ate and explored in the CBD and the French Quarter. It was nice to be somewhere quiet and out of the madness as well. I really enjoyed my time there, and felt plenty safe!

What to Pack

Crescent Park in the Bywater
I loved my dresses with cutouts – taken in Crescent Park in the Bywater

New Orleans is very hot and humid. The main thing I would prioritize is comfort, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! I mainly wore rompers and dresses with cut outs to let the air flow. I also wore ankle boots that were comfortable and fashionable at the same time to make walking easier, because chances are you’ll be doing a lot of it.

Eating Solo

vegan new orleans paloma cafe
At Paloma Cafe in the Bywater

Eating my meals on my own really never gets easier, but it actually wasn’t that bad in New Orleans.

Firstly, Uber Eats delivers in New Orleans so if you just can’t be bothered to go out on your own, you can get food delivered to your door.

I also really liked the following options, which were either stands or quick restaurants where I didn’t have to sit and twiddle my thumbs for too long:

  • Killer Poboys: This place on Dauphine St. is quick and conveniently located in the French Quarter. It has both vegetarian and vegan options! I loved the flavorful cauliflower poboy, personally.
  • Meals from the Heart Café: Located in the French Market, this pop up has yummy comfort food including vegan options. I loved that there was so much else to do in the market that I didn’t really feel alone, and wasn’t the only person eating alone, either.
  • Auction House Market: Just a half mile away from The French Quarter in the CBD, the auction house market has a bunch of pop up restaurants with everything from vegan macaroons to Hawaiian-style poke bowls.
  • St. Roch Market: Like Auction House, this building has a bunch of different food options. Though it seems unassuming from the outside, inside is a long hallway with order-at-the-counter restaurants on either side. It’s bustling even on a weekday, with plenty of solo diners.

Getting Around

In a city as small and compact as New Orleans I really appreciated being able to get around mostly by foot, especially once you get to your neighborhood of choice. The French Quarter is pedestrian friendly, as is the Bywater.

When I needed to get farther than I felt like walking, the streetcar and bus system both worked pretty well, and it’s cheap at only three dollars for a whole day pass (pay the driver directly in exact change). I just used Google Maps to navigate bus lines and found it all pretty easy and reliable. If that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, both Lyft and Uber are available.

In closing, I thoroughly enjoyed New Orleans as a solo traveler and was even looking up short term apartment rentals because I found it so friendly and full of fun things to do! I already know that I will be back to explore more of it, perhaps longer-term.

So ladies, and gents if you’re reading this too, don’t worry about going to New Orleans by yourself, it’s probably one of the best places to travel alone!

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*This post was brought to you in partnership with New Orleans & Company, however this itinerary was designed by me and all recommendations are my own – your trust always comes first!

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15 tips for painting your home

Montclair Painting may seem like a hassle, but no one can deny the fact that paint transforms any space in no time. To become an expert in painting, we present you with 15 tips for painting your home that will help you turn the painting process into a game. Gikas and its trustworthy workers can help you paint your home quickly and present you the result you desire, if you don’t have the time to do it by yourself. Following these 15 tips for painting your home you will want to grab a brush and start painting.

 Montclair Painting

1. Grab the sandpaper in Montclair Painting

To get the perfect result, a perfect surface is needed. And for achieving this you have to become the best friends of sandpaper. You will be able to remove imperfections and marks from the surface of your wall or furniture. For a perfect result, start rubbing the surface you want to paint from bottom to top with horizontal movements.

2. Apply primer

Fill in the gaps and imperfections that appear on the surface of your wall with a little primer to avoid an uneven end result. Instead of the usual white or colourless primer, prefer the gray shades of this magical material. Experts recommend it for better coverage of the spots. In addition, this shade will immediately give life to the colour you have chosen.

3. Squeeze the paper tape with the putty spatula

You may have taken your own measures and applied paper tape to the skirting board and all surfaces that you do not want to change color. However, to ensure that you will not find marks of (new) color when you pull the tape, you only have to press it well with the putty spatula. This will seal it better and more effectively.

4. Scrape the paint

If your ceiling has a texture, then you surely know how difficult it is to paint its corners without leaving marks on it paint. The easy solution is to use a screwdriver to scrape the corners and recesses in which the paint accumulates.

5. Use canvas with Montclair Painting

You may be used to covering the floor with sheets or plastic when painting, but to become a professional painter, you need to change your tactics. Instead of the above materials, prefer the canvas. Why? This material absorbs splashes more efficiently.

6. Paint one wall at a time

It may seem easier to first paint the corners of the room you want to paint with your brush and then fill them with paint using the roller. However, this tactic leads to uneven results. It is best to prefer to take the project painting literally wall-to-wall: meticulously complete the painting of one surface, before moving on to the next.

7. Clean your roll

Before you start painting, wash the roll with a little water and liquid soap, roll it in your hands 2-3 times and finally let it dry well. Thus, you will smooth its surface and achieve the uniform result you are looking for.

8. Fill your brush with paint

Immerse your brush in the paint and then tap each side into the paint container. This way, you will be able to paint your walls more evenly.

9. Clean the walls well, but thoroughly

Apply the surface you want to paint with a dry cleaning cloth. By doing that, you will be able to remove dust from your walls effectively without any extra effort.

10. Take the test

If you don’t know how to choose the right shade with confidence, all you have to do is paint a small area of ​​your wall. Leave it for 2-3 days to see how it looks at different times of the day, always observing it in relation to the furniture and the lighting of your space.

11. Do not follow the straight line

The straight line may be the shortest way to get to the destination but the same is not true when painting. Start painting by making W-shaped movements and apply the paint to the wall so that most of it is gone. After that, with movements from top to bottom, fill in the inner points of the W. You will achieve a uniform distribution of color on the wall since in the first “shoots” the roller leaves much more color.

12. Take the brush

Using the above technique, brush with a brush the difficult points of the wall, meaning those that need more attention to detail! What are these? The places that are close to the skirting boards or the places where you have put tape.

13. Do not forget your lip balm

In addition to moisturizing your lips, lip balm (and Vaseline) helps you become a master of painting. Use this to move the handles, hinges and window frame, knobs as well as sockets and switches on the surface on which you intend to change color. They are very easy to clean in case they get dirty with paint.

14. Consider dark primer

Τhe transparent or white primer is not always one way. A big exception is the case where you want to paint your walls in a darker shade than the one you already have. So, to achieve the final result with fewer coats of paint, choose a dark primer.

15. Watch the roller

Dip the roller into the special sloping container making gentle movements so that it “gets” enough paint so that it does not drip and is covered evenly.

15 tips for painting your home

Painting also has its difficulties, whether you decide to change the colour of a room or give your wooden furniture new life. Montclair Roofing can provide you an excellent result at painting your home as well as carpentry, contracting, renovations and home restoration services. To help you make painting your house, we presented you 15 tips for painting your home that will transform you from a beginner to a professional of the brush!

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Ogilvie High School students lament end of girls school set to merge with boys after 57 years

Hobart’s Eli Cropp is the solution of Tasmania’s only community all-ladies university and is now into her third yr of learning drugs.

She believes the get started she got at the solitary-intercourse Ogilvie Large Faculty established her up to thrive.

“A single of the best points about my time at Ogilvie was, as a female, I failed to see any limitations to what girls could turn out to be or go on to achieve,” she stated.

“Ladies could do physics, woodwork, soccer, without the need of any social strain.

“Ogilvie girls have absent on to come to be legal professionals, politicians, Rhodes scholars.”

The Tasmanian Government’s announcement on Tuesday that Ogilvie would merge with all-boys New Town High University was greeted fortunately by some, but remaining other individuals unconvinced about the deserves.

“I hope this announcement isn’t going to detract from a definitely very pleased legacy of educating women,” Ms Cropp said.

Some learners mourned the loss of single-sexual intercourse lessons.(Provided: Ogilvie Significant College)

But Ogilvie Substantial College principal Duncan Groves considered his learners had been up to the challenge.

“You can find going to be a blended bag of thoughts.

“You can expect to get some folks that will welcome the alter and the opportunities that improve will bring to the learners but you will however have some customers of the bigger Hobart neighborhood that will mourn the loss of single-sexual intercourse training in Hobart.”

Some of his learners mourned the news.

“For me, it’s most likely not a little something I would seriously like due to the fact I experience really at ease with all the girls,” 1 pupil advised ABC Radio Hobart.

“I come to feel much more good with just the ladies simply because at this age we sort of experience a little bit anxious all over the other gender,” one more stated.

The conclusion was provided the thumbs up by a lot of of the boys at New Town Significant.

“Seems quite enjoyable, little bit of enjoyable, new people and good friends, a total new setting,” explained one particular.

“I think it’s definitely, seriously, seriously good. It mirrors society and wants to come about,” said yet another.

Hobart's Ogilvie High School
Hobart general public girls’ faculty, Ogilvie High Faculty.(ABC Information)

The go will signify moms and dads seeking one-sex education and learning for their youngsters will now have to change to the personal sector.

Mother and father vented misgivings about the transfer on the ABC Hobart Facebook website page.

“Terrible choice. Some courses have been blended for several years, but some learners do NOT do properly in co-ed large schools. Shame,” posted Keitha Granville.

“These two universities do so effectively academically and athletics intelligent that there seriously appears no motive to do this,” wrote Meghan Buregel.

“Not everybody can pay for private educational institutions,” said Carol Chapman.

But others have been supportive.

“They are very best to get made use of to the way lifestyle will be outside the house of college,” reported Elizabeth Hollis.

Solitary-sexual intercourse schools no for a longer period a positive for women

Affiliate Professor in Schooling Judith Gill claimed the very long-standing argument that girls had been far more suited to solitary-sexual intercourse schooling experienced grow to be redundant.

“Nonetheless, there have been a wonderful several variations in the way our society works and the way younger persons comprehend their roles.”

The Adelaide tutorial reported numerous women right now relished studying together with boys.

“Immediately after all, we are heading to see them graduate into a earth in which ladies may possibly be set in managerial positions and be in demand of males as effectively as females … so learning a bit far more about the other seems to be one thing that much too typically in solitary-sex environments gets forgotten about.”

New Town High principal Dave Kilpatrick mentioned one-intercourse lessons were being a chance beneath the long term design.

A balding man in a suit stands in the hallway of a school
Mr Kilpatrick states there will nevertheless be potential for solitary-sex lessons if deemed correct.(ABC Information: Alexandra Alvaro)

“If it helps make extra sense for ladies to be doing actual physical education and learning on their possess or boys executing actual physical instruction on their personal, then that might be element of the layout,” he explained.

Saying the conclusion, Tasmania’s Instruction Minister Jeremy Rockliff explained a lot more than 90 for every cent of the increased Hobart neighborhood consulted ended up in favour.

It would relieve pressure on an oversubscribed Taroona Large Faculty, he reported, and neutralise the need to have for a highly-priced new inner-town superior faculty.

A report commissioned by the Govt outlined an improved thrust throughout Australia for boys to study along with girls.

It acknowledged all-women colleges were “even now viewed as effective in terms of self esteem and participation” but that the craze was “for dad and mom to search for co-academic alternatives for their boys”.

The report also detailed the idea of a “desire university” in which Ogilvie, New City and Elizabeth College or university, in the city, would operate as a person school with three campuses — a person for grades 7 and 8, an additional for grades 9 and 10, and the present university campus to keep on catering to several years 11 and 12.

Exterior of New Town High School, Tasmania.
New City Higher School will merge with the ladies faculty.(Fb: New Town Large School)

The Government has allotted $150,000 in the 2020-21 Point out Spending budget for the advancement of a masterplan.

President of the Tasmanian Affiliation of Condition University Organisations Jared Dickason claimed merging the colleges, rather than constructing a new 1, was the appropriate shift.

“At the stop of the working day, there’s only so a lot cash that can be place into instruction and if we continue on to put it into bricks and mortar, are we basically putting it into schooling?”

Warning urged in transition

Ogilvie Higher School was opened in 1937 as the New City Industrial Superior College and taught both equally boys and girls.

Madeleine Ogilvie stands outside Parliament
The college was established by MP Madeleine Ogilvie’s wonderful-uncle.(ABC News: Brian Tegg)

In 1963 it turned an all-ladies university.

“The notion was to make guaranteed that ladies in the public sector had accessibility to that one-sexual intercourse schooling,” claimed Tasmanian impartial MP Madeleine Ogilvie, whose great-uncle launched the faculty.”

She mentioned it ought to be a cautious changeover.

“I assume it is really truly important we recognise there is a need for education in Hobart which is unmet,” she mentioned.

“We have bought Taroona entire as a boot, we have obtained Mt Nelson Primary which has doubled in dimension … and I’m all for making use of present belongings.

“What we want to do is make certain there are no unfavorable impacts on women’s education.”

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5 Shoe Trends French Girls Wear With Simple Outfits

When we want an easy and chic outfit concept, we normally turn to French girls. Whilst, that’s probably noticeable presented that we do include Gallic sartorial possibilities on the normal about right here. Just after not long ago perusing via the Instagram accounts of some of the most fashionable Parisian ladies we adhere to, it turned distinct that there are a few decide on shoe selections quite a few are turning to correct now to total their pared-down outfits. 

Yep, we’re speaking about minimalistic sandal silhouettes paired with skirts and T-shirts, of-the-instant sneakers as the finishing touch to a denim glimpse, and so on. To get a far better sense of the shoe trends French women are donning with easy summer months outfits, preserve scrolling for a run-down. You’ll also uncover influenced searching recommendations for each outfit if you’re interested in including a thing fresh new to your wardrobe.

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Chakras 101: The Sacral Chakra

Welcome to the second chakra in the body – the center of our creativity, sexuality, and inspiration.

Not sure what the chakras are? Check out the first post in this series about the root chakra, the history, and how to bring your energy into balance.

The Sacral Chakra at a Glance

Chakras 101: The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, or swadisthana chakra in Sanskrit, has received the nicknames, “the sex chakra,” “the social chakra,” and “the creation chakra.” Located in the center of the lower belly or, as some believe, in the genital area, it acts as the individual’s center of pleasure and passion — both sensually and creatively. This chakra governs reproductive systems and processes, sexuality, relationships, emotions, and sense of adventure.

Sexuality tends to be the first thing that comes to mind at the thought of the sacral chakra, but creativity is an often overlooked aspect of it as well. It is important to remember that this chakra isn’t only concerned with sex (and the same goes for Tantra). In fact, at its most broad, the sacral chakra simply governs passion and pleasure, phenomena which manifest themselves in our lives via two avenues. On one side is creativity and zeal for life — think of finding enjoyment by creating something like a piece of art, a recipe, or even a business, as well as just having fun in life. On the other side is sensuality, in the sense of embracing one’s own natural human sexuality.

The sacral chakra has a feminine energy and is symbolized by a flower and crescent moon. Elementally, the sacral chakra is associated with water, and its mantra is, “I feel.”

On the Earth

Chakras 101: The Sacral Chakra
Lake Titicaca nestled amongst the Andes Mountains

The chakras of the human body also exist on Earth! The planet’s sacral chakra is believed to be located at Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia. The massive lake ranks in the 20 largest in the world, and it is divided almost perfectly in half by the Peruvian-Bolivian border. As the sacral chakra’s element is water, it makes sense that a large body of freshwater would be the location of the earth’s sacral chakra.

In addition, the lake is the location of an island named Isla del Sol (or, Island of the Sun) which was once home to the Incas, who considered the lake sacred. Even more interesting is the archaeological discovery of a submerged ancient temple! Legend has it that Titicaca possesses both masculine and feminine energies, which makes it a perfect representation of human sexuality as the earth’s sacral chakra.

When Blocked or Out of Balance

When the sacral chakra is out of alignment or blocked, issues with the reproductive system can pop up, including menstrual cramps, urinary tract infections, a significant increase or decrease in sexual interest, and lower back pain. Problems with the bladder, kidneys, or adrenal glands can also arise. Of course, this is not to suggest these symptoms aren’t from something else entirely and nothing in here can replace a doctor’s advice.

From an emotional standpoint, one might feel closed off, opposed to spontaneity, uncomfortable in one’s own body, or shameful about sexuality. Not feeling sensual or having difficulty pursuing creative endeavors are other potential problems resulting from an out-of-alignment sacral chakra. Luckily, there are a wide variety of approaches to combat this and bring the chakra back into balance.

Chakras 101: The Sacral Chakra
The sacral chakra’s element of water seems to go hand-in-hand with its adventurous nature

For one thing, physical movement can be beneficial, especially when targeted at the sacral chakra region through exercises like hip circles. This helps to bring energy and circulation to the chakra, which can help increase the flow of energy through the chakra. Along the same vein, certain yoga asanas can help realign the sacral chakra: Warrior II, goddess pose, low lunge, and pigeon pose are some of the most notable. Try a yoga routine like yoga for creativity, yin yoga for the sacral chakra, or yoga & affirmations for creativity & sensuality.

Meditation can also help align the sacral chakra. I’ve listed some specific meditations that are great for the sacral chakra here. Sound meditation, too, is a fantastic tool: just as one would slowly let out the sound, “lam,” to help align the root chakra, the same would be done here, but with the sound, “vam.” (The a sound in this seed syllable is pronounced like that of the word, “lawn,” not of the word, “van.”) Taking time to let the vibrations of this vocalization ring through the area of the sacral chakra can be a quick and restorative practice for the sacral chakra.

Chakras 101: The Sacral Chakra
sign up for a week of free chakra mediations here!

Affirmations are another powerful tool for balancing the chakras. Some affirmations to target the sacral chakra are:

  • I am grateful for the body which supports and empowers me.
  • I am thankful and joyful to be me.
  • I accept, embrace, and celebrate my body.
  • I honor my natural sexuality.
  • I open myself up for creativity and passion to flow through me.

Other methods for balancing the sacral chakra include aromatherapy, the use of crystals, and the incorporation of certain foods into the diet. Scents like sandalwood, ylang ylang, and orange help to clear the sacral chakra of problematic energy. Crystals like citrine, carnelian, tiger’s eye, orange calcite, orange aventurine, and amber can do the same (but please only buy ethical ones!).

Eating bright orange foods — like tangerines, carrots, and sweet potatoes — can also help to keep the sacral chakra in balance or rebalance it.

raja ampat

Another way to get in touch with the sacral chakra is to spend time in environments that are suited to its element of water. These types of locations often are conducive for those feelings of pleasure and adventure that the sacral chakra is connected to. Think places with big lakes, like Whitefish, Montana and Lake Tahoe, or islands like Hawaii (the Big Island is my favorite), the Philippines (there are countless stunning islands to choose from), Greece (with five island chains), and Indonesia (Raja Ampat is amazing). Even if getting out into a location like these is not a possibility, something as simple as going for a swim or taking a bath can be beneficial! Simply seeking out whatever aquatic setting is available can be a step in the right direction.

Lastly, create! Whether it’s starting a new creative hobby or picking up an old one, pursuing a new idea or project, or even making a gift for a loved one, the act of creating can do wonders for the sacral chakra. It doesn’t have to be crafty or artistic, either. Creating anything, no matter how big, small, or tactile, is powerful.

What is sacral chakra? How can you balance your sacral chakra? What happens when your sacral chakra is blocked or unbalanced? Click to read this post to find out everything you need to know about Sacral Chakra #SacralChakra #Chakra
Pin me!

When we work to take care of our sacral chakras, we are ensuring that we can approach life with the zeal we all desire. From healthy sexuality and an equally healthy sense of adventure to strong social connections and feelings of connectedness, the sacral chakra plays a powerful role in our overall wellbeing and the balance of our lives.

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How to get rid of cesspool smell at home?

How to get rid of cesspool smell at home?

Smelly odour in the home is a common problem in households, especially in the summer. Very often the problem occurs to such an extent that it does not allow you to relax in your own home! Αποφράξεις Αργυρούποληcan help you with any problems you face at home!

More specifically, the most common spots where the smell of a septic tank is most pronounced in the house are the floor siphons and the bath siphons.

Also, the unpleasant odour is observed in cases where the house is hermetically sealed with watertight frames and all air circulation takes place through the sewerage network.
Smell of dirt in the house? See how to get rid of it immediately!

The solution you can try exclusively with home-made ingredients is the following:

  • First let the bathroom faucet run to clean the bathroom siphon well.
  • Then you can pour 1 cup of vinegar into the floor siphon
  • Leave it on overnight without using the bathroom and shower faucets.

Vinegar, due to its acidic nature is the best cleaner for these cases, but also one of the most intense home-made disinfectants!

In case the bad smell has not completely disappeared, you can try the corresponding alternative which is lemon!

  • Mix 1 cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of boiling water and pour the mixture into the siphon.
  • Let the mixture work all night and enjoy a home without odours the next morning!

Finally, if the problem starts with the basin and its connection to the sewer, you can add 1 cup of soda. Let it work all night for unique results!

Smell of cesspool at home! What to do if the strong smell persists?

In any case, no matter how hard you try, the stench persists, so it’s best to stop trying. Call an experienced plumber, as the cause may be a blockage in the piping.

The professional approach to plumbing usually involves checking for the risk of sewer blockage. It also controls the possibility of installing a computer in the last well before the pit.

Installing a computer will help to properly ventilate the sewer and effectively remove the smell of sewage in the home.

Also, professional sewer cleaning is a definitive solution to remove unpleasant odours from your home!

Now you can remove the strong smell of septic tank from your home! In case the smell persists, you should contact a specialized plumber, because the problem is probably somewhere else!

What can you do if the pit fills up quickly?

Lately, you have noticed that the cesspool is filling up faster than before. What is the cause of the problem and what is the appropriate solution?

The cesspool fills up quickly – What is the reason?

Initially, the septic tank is a septic tank in which waste is disintegrated and water is absorbed from the soil. But why does the septic tank fill up so quickly?

Many absorbent septic tanks lose their absorbency over time. The reason; Purple concentrations in the walls of the septic tank seal it, reducing its absorbency and filling it quickly.

Frequent vacuum discharges cause disturbance and odour in the area. This problem is getting worse as time goes on and the solution must be effective!

What methods can you use to deal with the problem?

There are many ways to deal with a rush that fills up quickly. Below we have gathered the basic methods, so that you can find the one that best suits your space.

Use of organic or chemical liquid

This method is simple, but needs to be applied frequently to the plumbing to solve the problem.

You apply a chemical or biological liquid that removes the cigar from the walls and bottom of the filled pit, while partially restoring its absorbency.

The cleaning of the septic tank is done by the fermentation caused by the preparations in the waste, at the same time reducing the odour.

The total cost depends on the absorbency and age of the cesspool.

This method is the most economical and the most immediate in dealing with the problem, but with frequent use of the preparations every few months.

Sewer cleaning and maintenance

With proper and professional sewer maintenance at regular intervals, the cigar will not be able to accumulate on the walls of the septic tank and so its operation will be effective in the long run, without problems.

Waterproofing of the pit

With this solution, the cesspool will not be filled with rainwater. So it will not be filled with water even when the aquifer rises due to the weather.

For this method to work, you must first do a professional cleaning of the septic tank and then reinforce it with special concrete.

The cost is high and depends mainly on the size of the septic tank, but the results are permanent.

Conversion of the cesspool into a biological wastewater treatment plant

This solution is the most expensive, but you will never need to repair a septic tank again!

By converting a septic tank into an organic one, the odour and the possibility of calling a tank for emptying the septic tank effectively disappear.

The same goes for chemical and biological preparations, which you will not need to use again!

Its cost depends on the number of people who will use it, while the water produced can be used for subsoil watering.

The options are many, but only one will be perfect for you!

To see what suits your case and pocket, you will need the advice of a reliable and experienced professional! At Apofraxeis Argyroupoli, the professionals who specialize in emptying and converting the septic tank, can give you the ideal solution to your problem!

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How do car rental companies deal with coronavirus?

How do car rental companies deal with coronavirus?

It is true that due to the new circumstances the coronavirus has put us through, it is hard to go back to our normal everyday life. Especially when it comes to travelling and vacation, the pandemic has lead many tourism businesses Santorini car rental to change their tactics. But how do car rental companies deal with coronavirus?

Due to the fact that this is a global pandemic, many people’s plans for vacation and travelling in Santorini and other Greek islands have been postponed until further notice. Even if they did not have any trips scheduled, people are more cautious when it comes to renting a car or booking a hotel room.

Because many people are afraid that they will lose their money in case they will book a car rental, we created a list of the things each company might do to protect you. Let’s see how do car rental companies deal with coronavirus.



At most car rental companies, the final payment is executed by using a credit card. The majority of car rental companies own a POS that can carry out contactless payments so that you will not have any physical content with the employee.

There is the option of paying at the moment you will collect the car or when you drop it off. There is also the choice of booking a car online and paying later at the car rental department just because due to the virus the  lines are a bit blurry.

Have you already booked a car?

If you have already booked a car and you are wondering what will happen to your reservation and money, fear not. Most companies have decided to offer the option of free cancellation or transfer of the dates for later on.

If you are able to reschedule your vacation then we advise you to change your car rental dates too. It is better to keep your reservation, because in case your vacation will be conducted you might not be able to find another car available at these dates.

In case your whole trip gets cancelled, we are sure that the company will be willing to return you your money. This is why it is better to choose a company with no handling fees and free cancellation.

Disinfecting of the Cars

During these difficult times, car rental companies have chose to disinfect every vehicle after its use. Immediately after you drop off your car, the company moves on to its disinfection. They focus primarily on the steering wheel, buttons, gear box, seat belts and seats.

After that, the whole car is getting sprayed with disinfectants or it is being vacuumed with high temperature steam. This way they ensure that the car will be safe to be given to another person. At the end of the day, the cars will get washed on the outside too.

If the company does not provide you with any disinfectants, we advise you to keep a bottle with you or carry a pack of disinfectant wipes.

Pick up and drop of a vehicle

The pick up or a drop off a vehicle will be carried out very carefully. If you wish to have the vehicle delivered then one of our handlers will deliver it to the place of your choice. ,asks and other protective gear will be used of course.

If you want to be 100% sure that the vehicle is disinfected and safe to be used, you can visit the company yourself and get the car from there. We advise you that you will be careful as the transaction and the physical contact with another person will be inevitable either way.

Make sure to bring your own protective gear, masks and gloves and follow the instructions of the Greek Ministry of Health so that you will not face any problems.

Online and phone communication

Every car rental company has tried to limit her physical transactions as much as possible. It is better for everyone not to come to the company and have any physical contact with the staff and employees, let alone use public transport to come to the headquarters.

Feel free to contact the company online by email or calling them as it will be safer to do so.


Safety measures at the company

Except from the contactless handling fees and the online communication rather than a visit at the physical car rental company, the headquarters of each company has taken their own safety measures.

They have installed plexi-glass protective shields in front of the counter tops so that the employees and you will be protected from any germs.

All the employees are equipped with protective face masks and gloves so that they will be protective and they will also not be able to transfer any germs to you.

There is a constant need for sanitation of counter tops, chairs, doors etc and there are designated spots where you can wait at the lines. Of course the social distancing is imposed there too.

Please do not visit a car rental or any other company if you are not feeling very well. It could cause some pretty awful consequences and a chain reaction of the virus.

Overview of how do car rental companies deal with coronavirus

Remember that if you are going to use public transport means, you should be protected by a face mask. Try to wash your hands as often as possible to avoid the spread of germs to other people and objects.

When in the car, try not to eat and drink as the germs will be spread everywhere and be cautious with take out food. Public health is very important in the summer of 2020.

We hope that our list about how do car rental companies deal with coronavirus will help you understand the measures each company has taken and that you will still be able to go on vacation.

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Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft | Start date, hosts, celeb guests

We’ve had Bake-Off, the Sewing Bee and Flower Battle – now Channel 4 is turning arts and crafts into the up coming competitive activity with the Fantastical Manufacturing facility of Curious Craft.

The collection, fronted by Keith Lemon and Anna Richardson, difficulties a new bunch of crafters every week to “create prop-like, mic-drop craft of epic proportions”. All those that make it as a result of the 1st round of the episode must then produce a craft for that week’s celebrity guest, who will get the winner’s creation home with them.

Here’s every thing you require to know about the hobby levels of competition and Keith Lemon’s new present, starting up in Could.

What is the Fantastical Manufacturing unit of Curious Craft?

Channel 4’s new craft level of competition will see four new talented contestants enter the manufacturing facility each and every week, tasked with crafting a “spectacular” generation during the to start with spherical of the episode. ‘Factory boss’ Keith Lemon then chooses the finest 3 crafters to move onto the future round, primarily based on suggestions from craft industry experts Harriet Vine MBE and Zak Khchai, with the unfortunate contestant being eradicated and their generation being wrecked.

The second 50 percent of each 7 days will element a superstar guest, who commissions the remaining three crafts to make something for them. That superstar will then select the weekly winner, whose craft they’ll just take household with them.

When is it on Television set?

The competitiveness collection begins Sunday 10th May at 8pm on Channel 4.

Who hosts it?

The collection is hosted by comic Keith Lemon along with presenter Anna Richardson.

Keith Lemon is ideal recognised for his sketch shows Bo’ Selecta! and The Keith Lemon Sketch Demonstrate, as effectively as presenting ITV2’s Celebrity Juice and As a result of the Keyhole. The comic is also a proficient crafter – consistently putting up his sketches and paintings on Instagram.

Anna Richardson at present presents Naked Attraction for Channel 4 and previously fronted factual series this sort of as Supersize vs Superskinny, The Intercourse Instruction Demonstrate, Mystery Eaters and Supershoppers.

Who is the tea woman?

The factory’s tea lady, who appears all through the crafting level of competition, is Keith Lemon’s mum Pat. Pat will be offering tea to the contestants, checking in with every of them and chatting to Keith just about every episode.

Pat has previously appeared in her son’s Television set shows, possessing built a short appearance in The Keith Lemon Sketch Demonstrate.

Which famous people seem on the exhibit?

A variety of celebs check out the factory to established innovative challenges for the contestants, with Eamonn Holmes showing up in episode one.

Other stars due to surface all through the sequence consist of comic Katherine Ryan, The Spice Girl’s Mel B, Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp, Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews and his spouse Vogue Williams and DJ Nick Grimshaw.

Who are the craft gurus on the clearly show?

Harriet Vine MBE and Zak Khchai

Excellent command craft industry experts Harriet Vine MBE and Zak Khchai give suggestions to the contestants just after each individual round and will enable Keith “choose the three most outstanding makes”.

Harriet Vine MBE is the co-founder and Creative Director of handmade jewellery manufacturer Tatty Devine. She developed Selfridges 100th birthday cake and was awarded an MBE for providers to the manner field in 2013.

Zak Khchai is a French artist with know-how in knitting and crochet. He runs a knitting website referred to as Zak a dit and potential customers typical crafting workshops.

The Fantastical Manufacturing facility of Curious Craft commences Sunday 10th May possibly on Channel 4 at 8pm. If you are wanting for far more to check out, check out out our Tv Guideline.

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From ‘Never Have I Ever’ to ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ here are 11 teen shows to stream

Does anyone do drama better than teens? The answer – at least from anyone at all familiar with the wonder that is teen TV – is no. Perhaps that’s why many of our favorite shows revolve around the high school set.

In that (impossibly posh prep school) spirit, we’ve put together a list of our favorite shows about, but not necessarily for, teens.

– “Dawson’s Creek” (1998)

Streaming on Hulu, this soapy drama is a great choice for those who just finished watching the platform’s take on “Little Fires Everywhere,” featuring a grown Joshua Jackson. Because to many of us, he will always be Pacey Witter, one of four teens – the others being James Van Der Beek’s Dawson Leery, Katie Holmes’ Joey Potter and Michelle Williams’ Jen Lindley – falling in and out of love in a coastal town. – S.R.

– “Degrassi: The Next Generation” (2001)

Streaming on Amazon Prime, “Degrassi” is much more than the teen drama that introduced us to Aubrey “Drake” Graham. The Canadian franchise has existed, in various iterations, since the late 1970s, with each version offering a timely and authentic window into the lives of adolescents. “The Next Generation” – which premiered in 2001 and ran for 14 seasons – upped the ante on the show’s no-holds-barred approach to topics including teen pregnancy, LGBTQ identity, school violence, sexual consent and mental health while shrewdly incorporating social media and Internet culture into “Degrassi’s” thoughtful plotlines. (Note: “Degrassi: Next Class,” the similarly excellent spinoff to “The Next Generation,” is available to stream on Netflix.) – B.B.

– “Elite” (2018)

Streaming on Netflix, this Spanish thriller revolves around the intensely competitive students at an exclusive prep school. The series combines typical teenage drama with murder, blackmail and revenge, creating a potent (and addictive) cocktail. Also, everyone looks like a model. – B.B.

– “Euphoria” (2019)

Streaming on HBO Now, this provocative, Drake-produced series helped Zendaya graduate seamlessly – and definitively – from Disney star to arresting drama lead. Creator Sam Levinson channeled his own experience with adolescent addiction for the series, which was adapted from an Israeli series of the same name. “Euphoria,” which has been renewed for a second season, earned both praise and criticism for its raw depiction of teen sex and drug use, explored through a decidedly Gen Z lens (and lots of eye glitter). But the show’s bold choices largely paid off, and were elevated by standout acting and an entrancing score from British singer Labrinth. – B.B.

– “Friday Night Lights” (2006)

Streaming on Hulu, this NBC series about a Texas high school football team appeals to all kinds of viewers, regardless of whether they enjoy the sport itself. Sports dramas tend to be more concerned with the bonding involved, and it’s hard not to love watching Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) point troubled teens in the right direction. If you need further convincing, recall what comedian Jenny Slate said about football players: “They love to be best friends, and that’s why they wear the same outfit. And get together on a strict schedule to put on the same outfit and go rush after the toy. Oh my goodness, how darling.” – S.R.

– “Gossip Girl” (2007)

Streaming on Netflix, this CW series has re-emerged during quarantine as a worms-for-brains meme featuring prep school socialites Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester). The show itself is a top-tier source of rich people’s petty drama, and everyone’s questionable fashion choices – plus the impeccable music choices – will transport you to the late aughts. Regression has been a theme of pop culture consumption lately, so why not revisit this era? – S.R.

– “Never Have I Ever” (2020)

Streaming on Netflix, Mindy Kaling’s latest comedy series – co-created by Lang Fisher – follows Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), an Indian American teenager navigating friendships and romances while dealing with the grief of losing her father. The show is especially notable for its diverse depictions of teendom and authentic portrayal of Devi’s relationship with her immigrant mother, Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan). – S.R.

– “The O.C.” (2003)

Streaming later this month on HBO Max, this series tells the classic story of a troubled outsider struggling to fit in – specifically, high schooler Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie), who moves to Newport Beach after he is taken in by his public defender, Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher). The show, an essential teen drama, continues to pop up in conversations to this day, whether due to the “Saturday Night Live” parody, the depth of American teens’ crushes on Sandy’s son, Seth (Adam Brody), or the timeless indie rock soundtrack (selected by music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, who also worked on “Gossip Girl”). – S.R.

– “Pretty Little Liars” (2010)

Streaming later this month on HBO Max, this teen thriller follows a group of friends who find themselves tormented by an elusive enemy known as “A.” Adapted from Sara Shepard’s best-selling series, “Pretty Little Liars” quickly gained a following on Freeform with its intriguing mystery, angsty pop soundtrack and showstopping, occasionally wildly inappropriate, fashion. In full disclosure, the show goes off the rails in its third season and there’s been a fair amount of debate over whether the series finale even makes sense. But it’s a fun ride (and that’s no lie). – B.B.

– “Sex Education” (2019)

Streaming on Netflix, this frank British comedy explores the awkwardness, novelty and yes, romance, of teen sex. The show follows Otis (Asa Butterfield) – the 16-year-old son of a prominent sex therapist played by Gillian Anderson – who grudgingly agrees to set up his own impromptu therapy practice at his high school. The show surely isn’t for the prude, but it’s not tawdry either: In his review of the show’s first season, Washington Post TV critic Hank Stuever wrote that “there’s an artfulness to the material and a genuine care on display here, too – a message that we are not just about the size and shape and inventive uses of our private parts.” – B.B.

– “Skins” (2007)

Streaming on Netflix, this cheeky British teen drama goes a step further than its American counterparts and earned much acclaim for its exploration of “controversial” topics like teen pregnancy, substance abuse and mental illness. The first couple of seasons – after which the cast changes – are the strongest in both storytelling and tone, and boosted the careers of several notable young actors including Nicholas Hoult, Dev Patel, Daniel Kaluuya, Joe Dempsie and Kaya Scodelario. – S.R.

– “Switched at Birth” (2011)

Streaming on Freeform or Hulu + Live TV, this Peabody Award-winning series follows the converging lives of Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and Bay (Vanessa Marano), two teenage girls who discover they were switched at birth due to a hospital error. The shocking revelation has implications that ripple through their respective families: Bay’s wealthy parents and Daphne’s single mother – underscoring the very different lives the girls have lived. The five-season series, frequently praised for its thoughtful depiction of deaf culture (Daphne and several other characters are deaf), was equally compelling in exploring the daily lives of its characters. – B.B.

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Silk Pajamas And Sleep Sets For Women

These days, we are inclined to shell out extra time in our pajamas than something else. We work in them, bake in them, and considerably far too normally, Netflix and chill (self-isolation design and style) in them. With so a lot put on and tear, however, it really is become crystal clear to us that our latest pajama range has noticed improved days.

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