Let’s Talk About TV’s Complicated Relationship With Sex

It’s no secret: people love to talk about sex, baby. But what Salt-N-Pepa left out of their groundbreaking, envelope-pushing, hit single was “on television.” As one of the more democratic mediums — and often the one preferred by younger viewers (at least before YouTube and streaming platforms took over) — television has long been a battleground over the ways in which sex, gender, and related issues are portrayed. And while some critics lambast television for how certain shows may negatively influence viewers’ beliefs and behavior, television has also been praised for the ways it can fill in the gaps of understanding, helping to create better informed and healthy relationships with sexuality for its viewers.

Over the past few decades, television has played a key role in shifting the representation of sex away from a restrictive, patriarchal binary to a more open, authentic, and accurate reflection of varying perspectives and experiences. And in recent years, the way television has approached issues surrounding sexuality has expanded at a rapid rate, as writers and producers are interrogating sex in ways they either never had the opportunity to do before or never chose to do before. Thanks to shows like Steven Universe and Sex Education, TV is carving out space to provide viewers of all ages with a progressive education on sexuality and gender that will hopefully further the conversation for this generation and the next.

But while we’ve come a long way since I Love Lucy‘s married protagonists slept in twin beds, it’s not as though TV has magically solved issues pertaining to outdated boundaries, biases, and misconceptions surrounding these sensitive issues. For every groundbreaking series like Vida, there’s another that continues to let down their viewers again and again when it comes to its approach to sex (sorry, Game of Thrones, but yes, we are talking about you), and the way sex scenes are filmed still has a long way to go before they’re consistently safe for the performers involved.

In order to take a close look at the ways that TV is pushing boundaries forward — and the ways in which it still lets us down — TV Guide is dedicating the next five days to all things sex. As part of Sex Ed Week, we’ll explore television’s relationship with virginity, puberty, sexuality and everything in between. Check out our coverage below, and be sure to check back throughout the week to see what’s new.

The Deuce

A complete lack of norms, systems, or safeguards surrounding sex scenes was par for the course for decades in Hollywood. But as the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements began rocking the foundations of the industry, leading to a widespread reckoning with offscreen abuses and imbalances of power, people started to wonder whether a similar discussion was in order surrounding what happens on camera. Suddenly, intimacy experts weren’t just being listened to; they were in demand. TV Guide caught up with two of these pioneering women to learn more about how they’re helping Hollywood have better sex.


Though the anthology series may not court the same kind of nostalgia and cult following other shows of the era enjoy, Undressed was incalculably important to those of us who grew up as sheltered teens in the late ’90s. While young girls found themselves in the middle of a tug-of-war over how sexually charged the female idols of the day should be, Undressed refused to accept the Madonna-Whore binary and broke the mold about what adolescents could and should see about sex on TV.

Sex Education

It’s impossible to miss the exquisite style of Sex Education, which excels at finding unexpected vibrancy in the midst of vulgarity. Filmed in a lush, scenic town in Wales, with most of its action taking place at a school that looks like Riverdale and sounds like Skins, the series seamlessly juxtaposes influences that would clash on most shows. Director Ben Taylor explains how he created the Netflix hit’s unique aesthetic.

9 1/2 Weeks

One of the most pure domestic traditions is gathering the kids around the television for family movie night… until things on screen get very unpure. We all have stories of awkward situations from our childhoods where we were trapped in a room with our parents while watching a show or movie where people were doin’ it, and they still give us the shivers. We asked the TV Guide staff to dig deep into our repressed memories and unearth those moments where sexy time met family time, and the responses are pretty hilarious.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Over the course of The Next Generation‘s 14 seasons, the series provided many millennials with their first examples of kids their age facing relatable issues like wet dreams, STIs, menstruation, and more. But while the issues the characters faced were relatable, their responses were rarely anything to repeat in your own life. Degrassi was definitely not always a show that followed the “teach by example” method, but it did teach nonetheless. Look back on 129 (often outlandish) things the show taught viewers about sex, dating and puberty, for better or for worse.

Sex Education, Jane the Virgin, The Bachelor, The Big Bang Theory

TV has only begun talking about adult virgins in recent years thanks to shows like Jane the Virgin and The Bachelor. But the conversations around this sensitive topic are still shrouded in shame and don’t fully capture the experience of those who waited past adolescence to have sex for the first time. With so much content, why aren’t we having more sensitive, honest conversations about sex — and specifically about not having it?

Veep, Atlanta, American Gods, black-ish

Amid cultural changes that have made people more comfortable with salty language, as well as increased open-mindedness about sex and the rise of the no-holds-barred streaming services, the sharp delineations of yesteryear regarding what’s acceptable on TV are being sanded down, making today’s rules a sometimes nebulous mix of old-school restrictions and self-restraint… or in some cases no rules at all. And the rules are changing by the day.

Game of Thrones

The HBO hit can be riveting when it comes to friendships, frenemy confrontations, and charged encounters between people who have no interest in slipping between the sheets. But it continuously disappoints when it comes to romantic and sexual pairings. Game of Thrones‘ limited and pessimistic view of sex has become predictable, but here’s why series continues to excel when it comes to platonic pairings.

One Day at a Time

Millions of immigrant families have been ripped apart because of the insidious seed of fear of not being a “good immigrant,” particularly if their kids are queer. While fear makes people react in wild and uncertain ways, a major part of the problem is there’s little to no blueprints to navigating major upheavals. Where a child sees the freedom to be themselves and find true happiness with a partner, a parent sees only what society could and will inflict. Enter shows like One Day at a Time and Sex Education, which are finally giving immigrant parents a cultural frame of reference on how to deal with their children when they come out.


While the sex in Vida is often political, it is never gratuitous or contrived. Instead, the series effortlessly flows in and out of sexual encounters as though they were any other scene — because another thing Vida does better, perhaps, than any other show right now is embrace sex as another layer in storytelling. Creator Tanya Saracho and stars Mishel Prada and Melissa Barrera take us inside how the boundary-pushing scenes reveal far more than just skin.


TV is still going through growing pains when it comes to the inclusion of fat people, and fat women in particular. But shows like Shrill and its rare predecessors, including Girls and Empire, are taking the necessary steps to depict women as actual people — with career aspirations, romantic problems and sexual encounters — regardless of their size. Because if a fat character’s entire story revolves around losing weight, and they succeed, then what do they have left?

Steven Universe

The appeal of Steven Universe s obvious: A half-alien, half-human boy tries to get a handle on his Crystal Gem (read: superhero) powers while stepping into a mantle left behind by his alien mother to defend and protect Earth. That’s a call to adventure that’s practically inescapable, but what calls to many viewers instead is watching Steven navigate the overwhelmingly masculine blueprint of heroism by remolding it into something softer, kinder, more Steven. It’s the story of a perpetual becoming, one where said boy learns to let himself be himself and fall in love with all the feminine, masculine, human, alien, and otherwise unquantifiable energies that lie within.

She’s Too Young

Lifetime’s 2004 movie about a high school syphilis outbreak became a campy cult classic in some classrooms that showed it as part of the sex education curriculum. But looking back on the film 15 years later, it’s hard not to admire the movie’s surprisingly progressive message that gave its young audience the knowledge they needed to make informed decisions about their own sex lives — and made them LOL at the melodramatic twists and cheesy one-liners along the way.

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Does Masturbation Hurt because of a tight foreskin?

Does Masturbation Hurt because of a tight foreskin?

One of the most common penis-related problems men face is the condition called phimosis. Phimosis means that the foreskin of an uncircumcised man is too tight and cannot be retracted to expose the glans. It usually leads to two major problems for the man suffering from this. The first is the impossibility of maintaining a proper hygiene of the genital organs because the smegma that accumulates under the foreskin cannot be washed away.

You can always go out with a girl that would never care about such problems, check Athens call girls or Athens call girl.

The second problem is that phimosis makes erections painful. The foreskin is designed to cover the glans while the penis is limp and to be pulled back during the erection. Naturally, a tight foreskin is bound to make masturbation and intercourse unpleasant or even painful. The expanding penis will push against the too small opening in the foreskin.

You can try to stretch it gently and see if it can be made to retract past the glans. If it’s very tight, do not try to force anything. You will only manage to cause painful cracks on the inside of the foreskin. The cracks will heal in time, but they are bound to hurt for some time, not to mention that they are very unsightly.

The last thing you want is to have cracks in the foreskin make contact with the smegma accumulated between the glans and the foreskin and get an infection thereof. The traditional solution for phimosis is circumcision, whereby the surgeon separates the foreskin from the penis in order to relieve the penis.

After the operation the glans will have to be protected for a while because this extremely sensitive part of the body is not used to in direct and constant contact with the underwear. It may help to wear loose boxer shorts for a month or two. Another way of treating phimosis is by a simpler surgical procedure called preputioplasty. A limited dorsal slit is made along the constricting band of skin.

This allows the patient to retain his foreskin and enjoy the desired freedom. The cut heals in time and it does not spoil the look of the penis. Alternatively, doctors have found that applying steroid creams to the foreskin may also help loosen it and cure phimosis. This type of treatment usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks.

There are also ways of stretching the skin, either manually or with the help of small balloons placed under the foreskin under anaesthesia. Masturbation is one of the manual ways used to enlarge the foreskin by forcing it to stretch, one bit at a time, in order to trigger the tissue expansion process. This should be better have done at a very early age when the skin is more stretchable, but you can pay a visit to athens call girls or athens call girl to give you a helping hand. Far from being an incurable condition, phimosis is just a serious problem that can be solved with a couple of trips to the doctor.

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Call a Professional Plumber or DIY?

Call a Professional Plumber or DIY?

Professional plumbers (υδραυλικοί Αθήνα) and Repair service is more than happy to help you with all of your plumbing needs, but there are occasions when a fix is so simple you can do it yourself.

One of the most common plumbing issues our clients deal with is what is called a “running toilet.” When you flush your toilet, you instigate a chain reaction among the various components that allow your toilet to magically whisk everything away.

Flipping that handle raises a stopper covering a flush valve that then releases water from your toilet tank into toilet bowl, where gravity does that rest and it all goes down the drainpipe.

Once the tank is empty, the stopper drops back over the flush valve, causing another component called a float ball to trigger a mechanism called the ball-cock assembly to refill the tank with water.

As it does so, the float ball (Ballcock) rises, pulling the attached arm up with it, signalling the tank to stop filling when it reaches a preset height. It’s a lot like that old mouse trap game.

If it all works properly, the tank refills and that running water sound you hear stops after flushing. If something goes wrong, the water hits the overflow mark and drains back into the toilet bowl, starting an endless cycle.

Why Toilets Run

There are several reasons your toilet might run.

The most common problem is that your float ball arm fails to rise to the correct height. Putting a simple downward bend in the arm can usually resolve the problem. If that doesn’t do the trick, take a look at the stopper and flush valve.

If your stopper is old it may no longer hold the required seal. Replacing it is the best option. If your stopper is fine, the problem most likely lies with your flush valve seal, which could either be damaged or in need of cleaning.

Cleaning is fairly easy, but if this doesn’t stop your toilet from running it may be time to call in a handyman to replace your seal.


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Top 5 Electrical Problem In Your Home

Top 5 Electrical Problem In Your Home

Top 5 Electrical Problem In Your Home

Inefficient wiring, outdated connections, circuit overload, and defective circuit breakers can lead to a lot of home electrical problems which can be both annoying and dangerous. When it comes to household electric appliances, safety is the most crucial thing.

Flickering lights, damaged appliances, frequent circuit-breaker tripping, and high bills are all the signs of Poor Electrical connections in your household. Here are the top 5 Home electrical problems which are ceasing the efficient working of your home circuit.

1. Inoperative Electrical outlets in Kitchen and bathroom

Nowadays, all the bathroom and kitchen are equipped with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupts (GFCIs) which are capable to detect the flow of changes in the current flowing through the outlets. These specialized device senses a mismatch of as less as 4 milliamps and can shut off the current as quickly as one-thirtieth of a second.

When the flow of current changes because of excess moisture, GFCI senses and shuts down the current instantly saving you from devastating consequences. National Electrical Code(NEC) or NFPA 70 have listed the distance requirement from sink or tap for the installation of GFCI.

A normal electric outlet should be within 3 feet from the sink and in case of GFCIs, it should be installed within 6 feet. However, these electric outlets can malfunction. There are two main reasons for a non-functional GFCI Electrical outlets in your kitchen and bathroom.


GFCI sensed a change in current and shut off

If this is the case, you must ensure that the GFCI is not in contact with moisture anymore. For example, if your electric mixer is in contact with the water from the sink, GFCI would turn off the current instantly. An old switch or previously damaged switch can also cause the GFCI to turn off.As soon as you are aware of the problem, remove the source from the water contact and press the “reset” button on the receptacle.

If you are unsure of the cause of the problem, call a licensed electrician as GFCI turning off is a sign of something wrong.

GFCI shutting down automatically

GFCI can turn off accidentally or because of some major issue. If pressing reset button doesn’t help, you must contact an experienced electrician. They are trained to examine the problem and repair it.

If the Electrical outlets in Kitchen and Bathroom are not GFCI, make sure to replace your Non-GFCI outlets with GFCI to safeguard you and your family for any hazardous electrical risk.

2. Other defective Electrical outlets

There could be several reasons but probably it would be improper wiring. If your outdoor outlets are GFCI, make sure to check if moisture caused them to shut down.

Problems like loose wire, tripping or electric surge can cause this problem. If it is tripped, you can reset it. IF there is any other problem, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional to do the work for you. Contact with an exposed wire can electrocute you.

electrical tips

3. Frequent tripping of circuit breaker

Circuit breaker are an ultra-fast safety switch which shuts off the electric flow as soon as there is any problem. Circuit breaker helps to prevent the overloading of the circuit from any faulty wiring or appliances which can lead to fires. The reason for the frequent tripping can be due to faulty appliances.

There are different breakers for different areas of your house and you can examine the problem by checking which breaker was tripped off. If there is any problem in an appliance, it would trip off as soon as you switch the faulty device on. If you are not certain of the problem, call an electrician as there could be something serious going on.

4. Light fixtures not working properly

If there is frequent burning of light bulbs, it can be attributed to high wattage, Poor circuit or mains wiring, Higher wattage on a dimmer switch and near-light insulation. Also, you should make sure the bulb is properly screwed in. If there is any problem in the light fixtures, turn everything off in your home and light the bulb alone.

If the circuit breaks in your electrical panel, it means there is some problem in light fixture wiring circuit. Do not try to fix the wiring by yourself, and ask a professional for it.

5. Zinsco or Federal Pacific (FPE) electrical panel

Know the danger of these two brands- Zinsco and FPE Electrical panel. These panels were very popular in the late 1970s but these circuits regularly failed to trip off current in case of overload or short-circuit.

Thus, the chances of electrocution are very high. Replace your old electrical panel from Zinsco or Federal Pacific as it fails to interrupt the electrical current in case of an emergency.


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Call a Professional Plumber or DIY?

Men’s Fashion Tips: The Basics of Men’s Dress Shoes

Men’s Fashion Tips: The Basics of Men’s Dress Shoes

All in all, men are not as inspired by fashion as women. Be that as it may, it doesn’t take much work to look great and to be in style.

Only a couple of changes to ordinary garments can change a man from so-in this way, to fashionista with scarcely any exertion. Peruse this article for tips on improving your ‘look.’

The lion’s share of men like to wear pants more often than not, and with the pants, you will, for the most part, locate a going with a match of coaches. Mentors are great when it comes to fashion, and a nice combine will look great with pants.

However, there are other, progressively slick shoes that you can group your outfits with. Try not to append to only one style of shoe think about the choices:



Concerning looking snappy, denim is likely the most versatile material; denim runs with for all intents and purposes anything: cowhide, produced textures, cotton, artificial hide… this is valid for shoes as well, denim suits most if only one out of every odd, plan of shoe possible.

Just by changing your shoes, you can change a whole outfit, making a extraordinary look. It is anything but difficult to seem popular; just by wearing diverse shoes on various events you will appear to be in vogue and ‘aware of everything,’ and it is as straightforward as changing your shoes!

There are numerous options in contrast to coaches, so give us a chance to take a gander at a portion of these now:


Boots are incredible for men who need to look smart in pants. You can pick boots with a marginally worn look if you need to pass on a laid-back loosened up look.

On the other hand, if you need to seem increasingly advanced, a great match of sparkling boots will work. There are bunches of styles of the boot to browse including, cattle rustler boots, battle boots and desert boots – which are all right now in fashion.

On the off chance that you are an easygoing sort of individual, you might need to put resources into a couple of slip-on shoes; they require next to no upkeep yet are in any case trendy.

You can purchase slip-on shoes like boots, deck shoes, court shoes, or espadrilles. Espadrilles are especially fashionable for men this season, and Tom’s shoes are one of the main fashioner brands accessible at present.

Loafers are a great shoe for men who need to look fashionable, yet who would prefer not to invest excessively exertion, collaborated with a couple of pants, loafers are incredibly up-to-date and especially agreeable.

There are many styles of a loafer to browse, in a large number of hues and with different embellishments, for example, bands or clasps. Peruse through accumulations available to be purchased online to get some thought of the style of shoe you need to wear.

All you have to look fashionable is your confided in a match of pants and a few unique styles of shoe – it truly is that basic.

men's boots

The first contrast between these two lacings is the ribbon ups territory. Blucher binding is open-throat binding while the balmoral binding is shut throat with a ‘V’ formed binding. Men requiring high instep or uses high insoles would lean toward the Blucher binding. The open-throat enables greater adjustment to give path around the instep than balmoral binding.

Ribbon ups are the adequate styles the world over for business wear. Dressiness of trim up men’s dress shoes styles begins from the smoothness of the cowhide utilized (unpleasant grain calfskin are less dressy), trailed by the sort of binding (Blucher is viewed as more easygoing than Balmoral), lastly the measure of enumerating (the more subtleties like aperture, the less dressy).

Slip-on or loafers are the other alternatives for men’s dress shoe styles that have been viewed as the less formal dress shoes. In any case, we ought not to expect that all slip-on are easygoing. There is a specific classification of loafers which are intended for the night dark tie undertakings.

Other than its simplicity of wear, it is additionally a flexible match of men’s dress shoes that can be perfect in its cut with negligible enumerating and appropriate for both easygoing and formal wear. One of my most loved men dresses shoes styles.

It is basic but then rich with an original clean cut. The Plain-Toe Oxfords can have both the Blucher binding and balmoral binding.


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How To Protect The Nutrient Content of Foods While Cooking

How To Protect The Nutrient Content of Foods While Cooking

Cooking improves digestion and increases the absorption of a large amount of nutrients,  however, some vitamins and minerals may decrease.

The key to protect the nutrient content is the way we decide to cook.

What are nutrients

Nutrients are the substances that our body process to help it function. The amount of portion required depends on factors including your age, growth stage and activity. Nutrients are really small and the eye cannot see them.

There are two categories of nutrients: macronutrients and micronutrients.

The first are carbohydrates, protein and fats, that provide energy to our bodies, so as to move and function.

The second are vitamins and minerals, such as Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, that are substances that our bodies require in small portions for healthy growth and disease prevention.

The most important macronutrients and micronutrients are divided into six groups…

  1. Protein
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Fats
  4. Vitamins
  5. Minerals
  6. Water

food triangle

Eating a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, proteins, fats, and whole grains is the right way to get as much nutrients as our body needs. Micronutrients and macronutrients are vital for our body to function and stay healthy.

In conclusion, we could say that nutrients are chemical combinations that our body cannot produce in an adequate quantity by itself.

How to cook!

Boil, simmer and poach…

Usual methods of healthy cooking are boiling, simmering and poaching.

The only thing that differs is the water temperature:

  • Poaching requires less than 82°C (180°F).
  • Simmering, 85–93°C (185–200°F).
  • Boiling 100°C (212°F).

Vegetables are one of the most important source of vitamin C, but a big portion of it is lost while cooked.

As a matter of fact, when boiling  broccoli, spinach and lettuce  may lose up to 50% or more of their vitamin C. Boiling reduces more than any other cooking method, vitamin C.

Vitamin C  and B dissolves in water and are quite sensitive to heat, as they can leach out in hot water.

At about 60% of thiamin, niacin and other vitamins B might be lost when meat is stewed and its juices run off.

However, when consuming the liquid containing these juices, all the portion of minerals and 70–90% of vitamin are conserved.

In contrary, boiled fish preserved omega-3 fatty acid content remarkably more than frying.



Steaming is the best cooking for preserving nutrients, including vitamins that dissolve in water and are sensitive to heat.

It is found that steaming broccoli, spinach and lettuce reduces vitamin C content only by 10%.

The only negative is that steamed vegetables may taste bland. However, this is easy to change by adding a little seasoning, oil or butter after cooking to improve the flavour.

Tips during cooking

How to reduce nutrient loss while cooking:

  1. When poaching or boiling use water as little as possible.
  2. After cooking vegetables, consume the liquid containing the juices left in the pan .
  3. If possible, don’t peel vegetables at all to maximize fibre and nutrient density.
  4. Cook vegetables in small amount of water to reduce the loss of vitamin C and B.


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Travelling to Bansko, Bulgaria!

Travelling to Bansko, Bulgaria!

Bansko is a town in south-western Bulgaria, located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, 927 meters above sea level. It is a popular ski resort to all Europe.

Bansko, has become an up growing international centre for winter and summer tourism. The mountain edges near the town, the fascinating lakes and the old pine woods make it a popular site for relaxation.

Bulgaria plays a major role in European tourism and is steadily rising. Bansko progressively competes with resorts in France and Switzerland due to the really comparative lower costs, but not in quality.

Sports Activities in Bansko

Bansko ski center

Improvements to the organizational structures and facilities of the ski area on Todorka are being made annually to accommodate the increasing number of tourists.

A gondola lift replaced the minibus ride to the primary base area of Banderishka Poliana. Since 2010, the ski area has 75 km of ski and snowboard runs, 14 lifts and drags, that serve up to 24.500 people hourly.

The nearby village of Banya, only 5 km from the town, is known for its 27 thermal mineral springs. People prefer to rest in the springs after skiing for hours in the slopes of Pirin mountain.

There are bus connections available to take tourists to most cities in Bulgaria, like Sofia, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad, Gotse Delchev, Razlog, among others. Tourists can also find travel agencies to go on daily tours all around, by snowmobiles. The location is ideal for special exploration and sport activities.

Luxury Accommodation


Because of the economy crisis, many of the substructure problems have not been given much attention since 2009.

However, the large portion of unfinished apartments, due to the global recovery and the more realistic pricing, are eventually attracting more buyers from all over Europe.

Bansko offers accommodation and comforts for every budget. You can choose among apartments of 2-12 people, hotel rooms and bungalows. In the hotels you will find facilities such as swimming pools, spa, beauty and massage boutique… and all at really affordable prices for everyone. All within walking distance of the city centre and the gondola.

Bansko is the most affordable winter and summer travel destination, as it combines the best prices, the best hotels and the best vacations ever!


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How to Find the Best Leather Bag for Your Needs!

How to Find the Best Leather Bag for Your Needs!

Many people like utilizing a leather bag, as it makes it helpful to carry some essential things while travelling. Ladies frequently utilize a grasp or handbag made of leather, while men may carry leather bear bags, which can regularly be utilized for carrying laptops or an assortment of articles.

Independent of the sort of leather bag you may require, you ought to have three factors as a top priority for making the top determination.

The most important factor for choosing any bag is its capacity. It relies upon what you anticipate that the bag should improve the situation you. Some may just require one for advantageously carrying usual things like Visas, cash, makeup unit or some such essentials.

leather bag

In such cases, any sort of leather tote may unravel the reason great. Be that as it may, in case you have to carry with you a laptop, books, or such like things, you ought to consider purchasing a shoulder bag, leather tote or a backpack.

When you recognize your necessities, you get a fairly good idea of the sort of bag you require and also how huge or small your bag require to be.

Next, you go to the favoured features of your bag. You may additionally realize that a bag with side pockets on its outside and partitions in its inside can be progressively useful.

You would notice which zippers are increasingly advantageous, compared to the buttons, while fascinating strips allow you to open or even close the partitions easily. If you mean carrying your laptop or such hardware, you ought to run for a bag with one primary partition, having adequate padding.

Another factor that plays a significant job in choosing an unrivalled leather bag is its style. If you view yourself as extremely practical, a plain plan will suit you the most. Indeed, if you like the idea of a bag with some cool accessories, you may consider having one made from coloured leather in various hues, all assembled harmoniously to style a decorative bag.

There is a large variety of styles available in today’s marketplace, from the cloud to top fashion. It shouldn’t be hard to get one that runs exceedingly well with your personality.


How much does a leather bag cost?

Cost is often among the major factors included while purchasing any item. The same is valid on account of leather handbags. You would realize that quality pays for itself, however, adds to the cost an item.

Investigate the likelihood of expanding your financial plan on the off chance that you find a superior quality bag at a marginally more expensive rate. You can anticipate that it should last more, compared to a cheaper regular sort of leather bags.

The average leather bag price is from 50 dolars to a 150. It depends on the brand, the season ( whether it is a sales season etc).

A good leather bear bag is great for travel. I always put a change of garments, pyjamas, makeup, brush, brush, and toothbrush in a mine in case my luggage gets lost.

You can carry your leather handbag in the shoulder bag that already has you ID and Master cards. At the point when registered with your room, grab your satchel, and you can be headed.


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