Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Quiz – Lonely Planet's travel blog

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Quiz – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

How nicely do you know our dwelling world? © Dima Zel / Shutterstock

Do you know the title of the world’s third-best mountain? Or in what yr the euro was released as lawful tender? Pit your wits versus our toughest journey quiz to date – a thirty-question, all-encompassing behemoth of planet trivia, with issues taken from Lonely Planet’s Best Vacation Quiz – our new title containing more than 100 entertaining journey-themed quizzes for all ages.

So strap on your own in and get ready to put your earth understanding to the test. There is no way you will score complete marks, but how shut can you arrive?

Just take ON THE Challenge

Uncover a lot more quiz concerns just like this in our reserve Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Quiz, the best companion for any trip.

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