Kalyan Panja, Travtasy – Lonely Planet's travel blog

Kalyan Panja, Travtasy – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Off-the-beaten-track explorer Kalyan Panja © Kalyan Panja

This month we caught up with Pathfinder Kalyan Panja who blogs at Travtasy. Kalyan is an avid traveller and photographer who is always on the lookout for unusual and off-the-beaten-track destinations.

Give us the low down on your blog…

Travtasy is a space to share travel experiences with the aim of inspiring people and helping them travel the world in a more adventurous way, while prioritising cultural exchange and local experiences. I am driven by my passion to travel and want to share the experiences I have, opening windows to a fabulous world.

Describe your travel style in three words…

Curiosity, adventure, nostalgia.

Top three places you’ve visited?

Difficult one, as every destination gives me new thrills. But randomly I will choose Bhutan, Greece and Chile.

The remote Tiger's Nest temple in Bhutan © Kalyan Panja The remote Tiger’s Nest temple in Bhutan © Kalyan Panja

Tell us about your most unforgettable travel memory.

I had just arrived in one of the most touristic corners of Helsinki, greeted by emblematic imperial monuments. It was the early hours of the morning and I was starting to realise the magnitude of my trip. So I left my bag at the hotel and went for a walk. Despite the hours of travelling I had just done, I did not feel any fatigue, I just wanted to see the beautiful city. I particularly enjoyed the white nights, an atmospheric phenomenon in polar areas where the evening twilight extends for several hours.

It was the best walk of my life. I barely even felt the cold because the feelings of excitement and a desire to get to know this city were greater. I had a spectacular night with the faint Northern Lights glowing in the sky above.

Why do you think it’s important to travel to off-the-beaten-track locations?

The deserts, mountains and seas make you contemplate existence; how much better it is to be carried away by intuition, improvisation and emotion than by an artificial experience.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday, people are left to connect with the elements, and this reconnection with nature is often a transformative experience. This is why I think it is important to travel to off-the-beaten-track locations.

Exploring less-visited places like the ice fields of Patagonia helps reconnect people with nature © Kalyan Panja Exploring less-visited places like the ice fields of Patagonia helps reconnect people with nature © Kalyan Panja

Why do you love travel blogging?

I have never felt as motivated and happy than when I am blogging. Before, a trip was purely for enjoyment, to live the experience alone. Now, I think about sharing my trip with my readers and followers. The best comments and emails I receive, are when my readers tell me that my travel stories helped them to overcome their fears and inspired them to plan a trip of their own. I’m very happy to have reached that level, to be able to inspire, motivate and help people travel.

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