What is a domain name?

What is a domain name?

The domain name can be considered as your Internet address, where someone else can find you, but it is essentially our online identity. It is a name-address that has the form www.yourname.gr and refers us to a website (Website).

A domain name is a unique name for a website. For example, WEBUSE.gr is a domain name as well as microsoft.com. Domain names must be registered. When a domain name is registered, it is listed in a large domain name register.

Choosing a name is, like choosing a host, just as important as your Internet presence. Several factors play a role in choosing the right name:

  • if available
  • the size of the name
  • .gr or .com
  • if it sounds nice
  • if it contains any of the keywords we market

Tips (Mistakes we make in the domain name):

  • There are some words that in no way could be domain names. These words are considered inappropriate, because the buying public will not be able to subconsciously associate them with a brand.
  • In order for someone to remember a domain name, it must be something unique, which is registered in the consumer’s memory, so that the latter can look for it immediately after the first acquaintance with your brand.
  • Large domain names (A good domain name should be as short as possible.)
  • Conjunctions in domains (Conjunctions do not have a negative impact on SEO. However, very few people could actually remember typing the dash in the address bar.)
  • Ambiguity in domains (For example, if a company has a specific name and the domain name is something different, one may at first glance think that the website is something completely different from what it actually contains.)
  • Numbers in domains
  • Incorrect extension to domain names

How do I use domain names?

The use of domain names is done through the browser that everyone has installed on the computer but also through all applications / services that operate on the Internet. Well-known browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Each browser has a field (address bar) in which you can enter the domain name of the website you want to visit. All the necessary operations of assigning the domain name to IP are done automatically and almost immediately you see the website you requested.

What is the ending of a domain name?

Each domain name consists of two parts, the prefix (sld) and the suffix (tld). For example at example.com, the prefix is ​​example and the suffix is ​​.com. You can enter alphanumeric elements and dashes in the prefix. Other characters such as exclamation mark, party, etc., are not allowed. You can also get a domain name with Greek characters in the prefix.

If a domain name is considered common or a geographical term is assigned only to the respective local government organizations regardless of the way it is written in Latin characters. It is also not allowed to assign domain names that are keywords on the Internet.

How many characters can a domain name have?

The Variable Domain name ending in .gr or .el consists of two (2) to sixty three (63) characters. These specifications do not include the .gr or .el suffix and the second level shared domain name suffixes with .gr suffix.

For domain names ending in .gr or .el which consist of alphanumeric characters of the Greek alphabet, the number of sixty three characters refers to the length of the PUNYCODE form of the domain name, which is not identical with the number of characters of the domain name in Greek form of.

Is it possible to register a domain name with Greek characters and how?

Yes, it is possible to register domain names when their variable field consists of Greek characters. Declarations for the registration of domain name in Greek characters are submitted by the Registrars.

What are the basic rules for composing domain names with Greek characters?

  • Domain names with Greek and Latin characters at the same level are not supported
  • There is no difference between the Greek characters σ and ς e.g. μανοσ.gr and μανος.gr
  • There is no difference between lowercase or lowercase Greek characters and lowercase or lowercase Greek characters, e.g. eva.gr, eva.GR.

What forms of the name does the assignment of a domain name with Greek characters include?

Domain names ending in .gr or .el with Greek characters are assigned in the lower case form requested by the user in his application (i.e with tones, solvents, spirits, etc.) and the lower case form of the same name.

What is domain name registration?

Registration of a domain name is the process by which a free domain name (does not belong to someone else), is granted for use to a natural or legal person. By registering a domain name, the owner is granted the exclusive right to use the domain, for as long as the owner pays the registration fees. Domains are not registered for life, they are only reserved for a certain period of time, which can be renewed by their owners when the previous lease period ends.

How long does it take to assign a domain name?

The assignment of a domain name takes 2 years from the submission of the registration declaration in the Register. If it is a domain name that has been reserved for a specific entity (e.g homograph or with different punctuation marks) and has been activated after its declaration, the period of 2 years starts from the submission of the registration declaration (or the date of the last renewal of the interval assignment) of the domain name under which it was committed, and not from the date of its activation. It is noted that after the assignment of the domain name, you have the possibility of immediate renewal of the domain name for consecutive periods.

How many domain names can I request to be assigned?

There is no limit.

If the domain name assignment information I hold changes, do I have to declare it?

Any changes made to both the Name / First Name and the other data during the registration process of the domain name ending in .gr or .el must be notified to the Registrar and the Registry, within thirty (30) days from the change of the data. which are included in your statement. It is noted that non-compliance with the aforementioned obligation may lead to deactivation of the domain name and after a period of thirty (30) days, deletion of the domain name that has been granted to you.

How do I know if a domain name has been assigned?

Through the Domain Name Availability Search Application ending in .gr or .el (Web Whois) you can, by typing a domain name, find out if the specific name is available for assignment.

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6 Fantastic Apple Software Update on iPhone iOS 13

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1. New pop-up for location tracking in iPhone 13

Rather, the alternatives are currently “Enable While Making Use Of App”, “Enable As soon as”, and “Don’t Allow”. “Permit As soon as” is a brand-new attribute that will quit place gain access to when you give up the app (which is excellent for apps like Uber that are understood to manipulate this attribute).

You can select the “Allow While Making Use Of Application” to grant location accessibility while making use of the app. The app can still ping and also request your location behind-the-scenes. When it’s done that multiple times, you’ll see a pop-up with a map showing how often the app requested your area.

Currently you have a choice to either always allow place accessibility behind-the-scenes or to continue to make it possible for area accessibility just when using the app. You can alter this setup at any time by going to Setups > Personal Privacy > Location Solutions.

2. Memoji Stickers

iOS 13 will automatically produce a sticker label pack for every Memoji personality. This is Apple’s variation of Emoji stickers. You can discover the stickers in the Memoji Stickers app in the Messages app.

Memoji as well as Animoji sticker labels will be available in the Emoji menu in the keyboard so you can access them in any kind of messaging app. Apps like WhatsApp will certainly be including assistance for Memoji sticker labels while in need of support apps will permit you to send them as photos.

3. A Better Maps Application

The Maps application obtains quite a considerable overhaul in iPhone 13 Thanks to Apple’s brand-new mapping task, the maps data in preferred western cities is much boosted. Apple will certainly bring the same enhancements to extra areas all over the world as its mapping project advances.

The Maps application now has a Faves section where you can highlight an area for fast access. You can likewise use the Collections feature to develop a collection of areas that you want to see.

The Maps application likewise brings its very own Google Maps Street View-style feature called Browse. When you’re in a supported place, you can touch on the “Binoculars” symbol to delve into the immersive mode. Pan and also swipe to move whichever city you’re checking out.

4. A Whole New Reminders Application

The Pointer application in iPhone 13 obtains a much-deserved redesign. After opening the application, you’re currently welcomed by a control panel with clever listings at the top. You can develop several grouped lists, which can each include tasks and subtasks with abundant media add-ons.

Among the most effective features in the brand-new Reminders application is Recommended Dates. It’s Apple’s variation of natural language input that you discover in apps like Todoist and also TickTack.

It makes developing suggestions with a date and time far more uncomplicated. You can kind something like “Physician’s consultation tomorrow at 5 PM,” as well as it will certainly reveal “Tomorrow, 5:00 PM” as a tip for the due date. Faucet on it as well as it’ll promptly be added to the tip.

5. Audio Sharing for AirPods

If you and your pal both have a pair of AirPods or PowerBeats Pro earphones, you can currently attach them to a single iPhone as well as share the audio to both devices. If both of you have the most recent iPhone, you can simply put your friend’s phone over yours to get a pop-up for sharing audio.

You can also do this manually by matching a 2nd set of AirPods to your apple iPhone. Flick open up the AirPods instance and then press as well as hold on the Round switch at the rear of the instance. Faucet on “Connect” on your apple iPhone.

When combined, the AirPods will certainly appear in the AirPlay menu. Simply select the second pair to share the audio.

6. Silence Unidentified Callers

We’ve currently covered the Silence Unidentified Callers feature in the past. Once made it possible for, the function will instantly silence calls from any number that’s not in your get in touch with checklist. This can be an excellent method to stop spam and robocalls on your apple iPhone.

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