Afterplay as an "antidote" to the sexual problem

Afterplay as an “antidote” to the sexual problem

We are talking with Athens Escorts about afterplay or “sexual closure”, as I like to say, as it is what fuels the next sexual encounter with warmth and passion, in the female erotic “brain” game.

“We had sex! We had a nice time! He gets up and goes inside… Why does he leave again immediately after sex? What can I do to keep him in our bed? I have asked him but I feel that he does not want to be with me after the sexual act,… as if he is avoiding me! ”

Yes, it is true that men’s “habits” are different from women’s “needs” I would say, since for a man it is a habit to get up almost immediately after intercourse and go to the refrigerator, to the toilet, to call a friend to end pending issues, social or work or even to get into the arms of Morpheus which is the most common, if the time is up!

On the contrary, the woman “needs” the hugging of her partner, his caresses, a few kisses. She wants to feel that it is important to him, that she gave him moments of desire and passion and that he recognizes it.

We are talking about afterplay or “sexual closure”, as I like to say, as it is what fuels the next sexual encounter with warmth and passion, in the female erotic “brain” game!

Foreplay, through the creativity and imagination of sexual partners, includes activities that stimulate the sexual disposition for intercourse. The contact itself, for most people, reflects the sexual pleasure or pleasure in sex. However, the time after contact (afterplay) is equally important. It is “the key to intimacy” and a successful next love affair.

How can the afterplay be upgraded? – Do’s

1. Stay for a while embraced, lost in your erotic silence or in your beautiful words and kisses, which may not be passionate but sweet and erotic.

2. Give each other a relaxing massage, caress gently.

3. Learn to enjoy through your senses: the touch, the look, the smell and the taste of the partner, can bring intense psycho-emotional satisfaction, and even lead to a second love affair.

4. Give each other time. It is proven that when the two partners do not forget that they are also lovers and spend time caressing each other after lovemaking, the intimacy and trust between them increases.

5. Talk about neutral issues. Do not remember the tax setting at that time, even if you paid for the phone!

6. Use this time to express sexual feelings, thoughts and desires that you have not shared.

7. Snack on something light, such as fruit, for example, drink a glass of wine together

8. Enjoy things together, such as a warm relaxing bath, immersed in the foam and their aroma, share a glass of wine, listening to your favorite music.

9. Remember situations that made you laugh and had a good time. The intimacy that develops in “sexual closure” can enhance the “emotional love aspects” and strengthen the bonds of your relationship.

10. Say “I love you!”

What to avoid? – the Don’ts

1. Do not complain or even worse – sexual complaints.

2. Do not talk about problems with your job, your finances or your children.

3. Do not run to wash

4. Do not turn on the TV

5. Do not start phones with friends or colleagues

6. Do not criticize, considering the other vulnerable at that moment

7. Do not compare your partner with an ex

Afterplay as an “antidote” to the sexual problem

Let us keep in mind that this time after contact is very important. Think – or are you? – a couple that the man, for example, usually finishes quickly. The woman stays next to him, unsatisfied once again. He gets up and goes inside, possibly disappointed and charged by his quick finish, which makes him feel “a little” towards the one who wants – but can’t – give her the pleasure of orgasmic climax! The result; After a while, she will start the “murmur”, she will charge him more and more angrily, making him feel even more “small and small”, while he will feel that he “uses her” and is only interested in himself. and his own sexual pleasure!

Let’s look at the script for a moment now, where he, yes, ends quickly, but he stays next to her, devotes time to her and why not, a few more foreplay, which may culminate in her as well. The consequent feeling of emptiness, embarrassment and dissatisfaction that follows a not so successful intercourse, can be reduced through the effective positive effect of “sexual closure”.

Yes, sex is not necessarily synonymous with male ejaculation, when the couple has learned to communicate and manage “together” in ways that offer both enjoyment and emotional intimacy. At the very least, their relationship is not ruined until they go to the specialist and deal with their sexual problem!