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Fu Yu Culture by the Shanghai World Expo Chinese private joint pavilion organizing committee, China design intellectual property trading platform, fosun group former executives and other core team, joint Dexin industry business culture group co-founded. Exclusive operation of "Forbes China Design Selection (FCD)", widely carry out Forbes China various selection (such as KOL, village, etc.), and in-depth cooperation with China Academy of Art in China Design Intelligence Award (DA), architectural landscape design and other fields to carry out comprehensive cooperation, design as the driving force. Assigned to the whole industry, industrial intelligent layout, architectural space, cultural innovation, fashion life, visual communication, and other fields, together China's top design strength, play a leading international cultural P value, build cultural industry's top think-tank, the formation of the design training, design research, design, exhibition, design products, venture capital, etc. The whole ecological closed-loop, become a leading design chain platform.